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Everyone who wants to make a lasting difference for Christ and his kingdom has to find a way to build and maintain an effective prayer covering. Failure in ministry can often be traced to failure to create an active, unified prayer team. When we disregard or neglect the crucial place of group prayer, we allow our blind spots to continue to plague and injure us.

With a committed prayer team laboring for and with us, however, we tap into the infinite power of God. We begin to see his mind and his will with increasing clarity. We feel his heartbeat with growing certainty. More and more, his desires become our desires, and we see his mighty hand acting on our behalf and for his glory.




The following links are God given scriptures and other writings that will further provide you understanding about God's instructions to us.


For more information please contact us and don't forget to pray for His insight and don't rely on your personal feelings.


1: Sick & Shut-in

2: The Community

3: The World As A Whole

4: Family And Friends

5: Peace Of Mind

6: Finance

7: God's Will Be Done

8: Good Health

9: Understanding

10: Wisdom

11: Forgiveness

12: Discipline

13: Patience




Take a moment to view the primary areas of prayer we want you to pray with us about. There's so much to pray for so this is a starting point and we're ready too.



Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole.


We accept the Bible as the only source of our beliefs. We consider our movement to be the result of the Protestant conviction Sola Scriptura; the Bible as the only standard of faith and practice for Christians.

We currently hold 28 fundamental beliefs that can be organized into six categories: the doctrines of God, man, salvation, the church, the Christian life and last day events. In each teaching, God is the architect, who in wisdom, grace and infinite love, is restoring a relationship with humanity that will last for eternity.

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28 Fundamental Beliefs
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