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Today, Adventist humanitarian work reaches into more than 120 countries and serves tens of millions of people every year. This priority springs from a deeply held belief in service. Throughout the Old Testament, God made provision for the poor and less fortunate living in Israel. In the New Testament, the writings of the apostle Paul show a Christian church that gave willingly and generously to support the needy among them.
Deuteronomy 15:1-11   2 Corinthians 8:8-15


At Ephesus we're striving to meet the needs of the meek as well as expanding the knowledge of God's to others by being God's witnesses. Serving the people consist of helping people of all ages while God's uses us to spread different messages his people need to hear. Imagine seeing a person struggling to take care of their personal necessities and then out of no where they're not struggling anymore and that person touches another person heart by demonstrating what God was done for them. Wow! That's what serving the people is all about and our community service departments takes pride in giving back all it can.



The following links are God given scriptures and other writings that will further provide you understanding about God's instructions to us.


For more information please contact us and don't forget to pray for His insight and don't rely on your personal feelings.




Take a moment to view some of the events the community service department has organized over the years. These events have been unforgetable holy blessings. 

Thanksgiving Dinner
An annual dinner held at the church where we serve hot meals to those unable to eat with there family.


Christmas Dinner
An annual dinner held at the church showing thanks to God we have more than we think sometimes.


Book Giveaway
A giveaway where we giveaway a wide range of informative books for all ages who lack in resources.


Shoe Giveaway
A new giveaway where people connect with others by giving their shoes to someone else who needs them.


Clothing Drive
A fundraiser where
supporters clean out their closets and donate unwanted clothing to help others in need.



Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole.


We accept the Bible as the only source of our beliefs. We consider our movement to be the result of the Protestant conviction Sola Scriptura; the Bible as the only standard of faith and practice for Christians.

We currently hold 28 fundamental beliefs that can be organized into six categories: the doctrines of God, man, salvation, the church, the Christian life and last day events. In each teaching, God is the architect, who in wisdom, grace and infinite love, is restoring a relationship with humanity that will last for eternity.

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28 Fundamental Beliefs
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